Monday, May 5, 2008

36. Attention Artists

Attention Artists

A Picasso face is not a face that leaves a place to hide.
A Roualt face is not a face that lets the weak inside.
So wrap yourself in pure white sheets
and let the folds surprise.
Increase the feel of I release
to deep the higher sides.

Knock yourself against yourself,
your stranger,
and discover summer handles
turned by beginners rising to the lonely
awareness of unanswered singularities.

Become the shadow of your small desires.
Establish the boundaries of your aloneness.
Grow into the noisy limits of your awareness,
Realizing the inarticulate ineptness of your questions.

Construct a moment in your life that peaks the human tide.
in all directions where
white has no limits and black has no boundaries.

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