Sunday, April 27, 2008

35. Letters Of Transist

You have got to get out!

To do this you
must start searching for
the Letters of Transit that will allow you
to leave the foreign country you
have created in yourself.

The search begins with forgetting
that which needs forgetting.
The search continues with forgetting
the I, that interfering logjam,
the I-jam, that creates internal pain
causing you to create external pain.

Those tattered thoughts of broken aspirations
built around the requirements of others,
little hungers controlling your life.
Anxious continuums exerting sublime forces,
displaying hunger, desire, resignation.
Go-nows, see-alls, step-ups, fall-downs.

Learn to enjoy your own simple pleasures––
then, of course, you must begin
working on your Bono Fides.

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