Friday, September 4, 2009

55. Infinity Begins At The Thumb

From: Brodie's Report by Jorge Luis Borges.

"I have spoken of the king and queen; I will now say something about the witch doctors. I have mentioned that there are four of them; this number is
the largest that the Yahoos' arithmetic comprehends. They count on their fingers thus: one, two, three, four, many, infinity begins at the thumb"

Infinity begins with the thumb and connects you
to the rest of infinity between one and two.

Past the thumb everything is other,
not me, not you
that which is beyond us,
everything else,
the completion/complexion of a circle, of infinite other.

The witch doctors knew.
We are surrounded by infinity
We are filled with infinity
We are infinity

Our touch circle - hard-bound.
Our smell circle - expanding and contracting.
Our vision circle - far reaching.
Our hearing circle - hits of molecules.
Our empathy circle - complexions of concerns.

The four of us and then the many.
The saint may encompass those past four
but we cannot see beyond our reach.