Sunday, May 25, 2008

39. Teeter Totter

A fulcrum is a point of love,
a point of honor, a point sienna.
The still holder, the center, not moving moves.

The Seven Just
mentally adjust
the lives of others by being the what
of what they are.

The lesser movers move to keep their balance
adjusting themselves by falling into current positions
thereby loosing their balance and falling into current positions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
Tonto, not knowing the Lone Ranger
has disguised himself as a fulcrum,
shoots his point off.

Now back to out liaison, lesion, lesson.

The necessity of balance without awareness of the point
creates the necessity of balance
without awareness of the point.

The boy sits staring,
the girl sits staring.
The center moves, the thing is done,
no adjustment of your set is necessary.
Everything is there,
it always was there,
it will always be there.

A blessing upon us.

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