Sunday, May 17, 2009

54. As My Nation Grows

As my nation grows
it expands as branches do from trunk to stem,
from nation to citizen
and we as rivulets flow together to
become a great river.

What flows out of us makes our greatness.
What flows into us creates the humanity
of a new destiny.

The fragility of greatness.
The decay of greatness.
The parts that decay.
the parts that grow.

The growth of understanding you/they are us
and need our help.
Spreading compassion with our wealth,
consigning political openness, free expression,
religions galore
and walls of laws.

Concentrations of compassions,
dispensations of tolerance
with the strength of forgiveness.

Alike in our dichotomy.

And in our future, the complete American,
with a Chicano smile, Asian eyes,
African tans, Nordic hair, Roman noses.
We Americans, a product of the whole godgiven world.

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