Sunday, April 26, 2009

52. My City

There are wonderful places in my city,
mirrors behind counters reflecting forgotten visions,
warm wood beer bars,
parks that disappear in
vertical streets, views of blues and whites,
corners that aren't, apexes of angles,
controlling colors, that only
the aware know and love.

Unknown by newspapers, televisions, radios,
tourists, concierges, incomers.
of awareness where
dabbles of happenings
created places that were cases of misunderstandings.

We aware
keep them to ourselves
attending them with private pleasure and hidden love.
Outliers happy to have our special moments there where
the verbals
are unaware that something special
is about.

We, the aware, who are strangers to each other
glance across the room and recognize our kinship.
The understanding of unique beauty placed before us.
Visual LSD.

A melding perception of us
into a clarity of you, me,
in this together.

Look, see, feel, enjoy,
be aware.
Understand the silence that surrounds you
and enjoy the confusions.
Learn to ignore the language
controlling your thoughts.

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