Sunday, December 28, 2008

47. Living In Two Worlds

One world provides order
requiring one step leading to another step
where action has consequence,
where senses are coordinated to the life
of f0rwardness and sequence,
aware of but not understanding the other.

And then, into the other
where everything is permitted and accepted.
This world has no awareness of the other.
This world takes you to everything, all possibilities,
all sequences,
moving in, on, around, back,
where time is not a substance that can be divided.
Understanding is not borrowed
and truth is not required.
All memories appear and fade.
A glade of consequence creating a memory
of infinite options.

The perfect time of day
sliding into bed knowing its over
and you can resume your journey
to the other land where what
happens is not constrained by the pillory of reality.

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