Sunday, May 25, 2008

39. Teeter Totter

A fulcrum is a point of love,
a point of honor, a point sienna.
The still holder, the center, not moving moves.

The Seven Just
mentally adjust
the lives of others by being the what
of what they are.

The lesser movers move to keep their balance
adjusting themselves by falling into current positions
thereby loosing their balance and falling into current positions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
Tonto, not knowing the Lone Ranger
has disguised himself as a fulcrum,
shoots his point off.

Now back to out liaison, lesion, lesson.

The necessity of balance without awareness of the point
creates the necessity of balance
without awareness of the point.

The boy sits staring,
the girl sits staring.
The center moves, the thing is done,
no adjustment of your set is necessary.
Everything is there,
it always was there,
it will always be there.

A blessing upon us.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

38. Old New York

Huge steel beams swinging silently
to the noise of soft skinned men.
Grinding fears driven by grinding gears.
A man made city making the man
with eruptions of living around distractions of events.

Streets of instant people going instant ways
with tubes of distant people lost in lonely days.

Tunnels of no love.
Drunk in roar, sunk in roar, drowned in roar.
I's eclipsed by it's.
A logical insanity.

Weak men made auto strong
with empty women made sticksmear pretty,
seeing what their words show them,
knowing what their friends told them,
describing this world as a fact
resting securely on what they dare not know.

Monday, May 5, 2008

37. You're It!

You're It!!

Of course
You have always been it
But you never knew it
But now you know it.

First the touch,
Then the run to another touch

The responsibility of being it
So be it.

Lighten Up.
To know it
Is to be it.

We its got to stick together.

36. Attention Artists

Attention Artists

A Picasso face is not a face that leaves a place to hide.
A Roualt face is not a face that lets the weak inside.
So wrap yourself in pure white sheets
and let the folds surprise.
Increase the feel of I release
to deep the higher sides.

Knock yourself against yourself,
your stranger,
and discover summer handles
turned by beginners rising to the lonely
awareness of unanswered singularities.

Become the shadow of your small desires.
Establish the boundaries of your aloneness.
Grow into the noisy limits of your awareness,
Realizing the inarticulate ineptness of your questions.

Construct a moment in your life that peaks the human tide.
in all directions where
white has no limits and black has no boundaries.